After the NBA Draft, there were a lot of interesting players that were undrafted. Some of them will have the chance to sign a short contract with a franchise to play the NBA Summer Leagues and try to convince the coaching stuff they deserve a sport in the final roster. Other ones are already thinking about trying to find the best destination overseas. 

Here in Basketball Player Media (BPM) we want to offer you an appetizer, a short list of 5 players per position with a short scouting report of each of them and video highlights. Those 25 players in total (5 per position) are the best NCAA rookies in the Market but we have a never-ending list, so you coaches, scouts, recruiting staff... if you need a longer list, an extended report, or you are seeking a player in a specific position and required skills, just SUBSCRIBE to BPM or contact us to hire our scouting services

So far, we've introduced you through 4 articles, the following positions: 

  1. Best NCAA Rookies in the Market 2018/19: POINT-GUARDS
  2. Best NCAA Rookies in the Market 2018/19: SHOOTING-GUARDS
  3. Best NCAA Rookies in the Market 2018/19: SMALL-FORWARDS
  4. Best NCAA Rookies in the Market 2018/19: POWER-FORWARDS

Today in this 5th article of the series, ew introduce you one of the most demanded position: CENTERS. There are some Centers that already signed their first pro contract. Some of them in Europe: 

  • SEAN O'MARA (Xavier): BC Nokia (Korisliiga, Finland)
  • AKOLDA MANYANG (Utah Valley): Rethymno Crete (A1, Greece)
  • DANIEL AMIGI (Denver): Debreceni Egyeten (A Division, Hungary)

And other ones have been drafted in the NBA Draft: 

  • DEANDRE AYTON (Arizona): Phoenix Suns
  • THOMAS WELSH (UCLA): Denver Nuggets
  • ANGEL DELGADO (Seton Hall): Los Angeles Clippers

But still a lot of interesting NCAA Division I Cs rookies non-drafted in the market. These are the Basketball Player Media Top 5 Centers selection. 

JOCK LANDALE - C - 2.10m - ST. MARY'S GAELS: 21.1p 10.2r 1.0t

Jock has been a key player in Saint Mary's and because of him, the Gaels have been a legit Gonzaga contender in the West Coast Conference last seasons. He is a life insurance. The aussie physical skills are not the best for the NBA but in the other hand, he'd be a difference maker in Europe. He struggled scoring in the PIT though. Mostly after enjoying him playing for the Gaels, showing a neverending skills close to the rim. He finished among Top 5 best rebounders of the Tournament. It calls powerfully the attention his yield when he is close to the basket averaging 65% in field goals during his Senior season in Modesto. He increased his range shot and it's usual watching him shooting from the three point line in the games. Very skilled with the ball and rebound hunger. It would not be weird if a big team in Europe gives him a chance next season as a NCAA Rookie, first one as a pro. Now, he is trying to impress the Atlanta Hawks coaching staff as he's been invited to the franchise pre-draft workouts and before, he was one of the most outstanding players in the Portsmouth Invitational Tournament.

ISAAC HAAS - C - 2.18m - PURDUE BOILERMAKERS: 14.7p 5.7r 1.3a

The physical evolution of Isaac Haas in four years playing for the Boilermakers has been tremendous. Giant guy, very strong, He has no doubts around the basket and if he can dunk, he will. Almost 62% in field goals average as a Senior in Purdue. Huge hands and big body that makes opponents the things very difficult, either to defend him, or attack him, as he occupies a lot of room in the paint and changes all the rival shots close to the basket. Another interesting point on a guy of this size is that he's very effective from the free throw line, averaging 76% last season. He is not the most skilled player, but what he does, he does it pretty good. Now playing for Utah Jazz in the NBA Summer League. It's unbelievable that Haas averaged this numbers just playing 23 minutes per game.

JO LUAL-ACUIL - C - 2.13m -BAYLOR BEARS: 14.0p 8.6r 1.9t

Another aussie who made pretty good in the US plying college basketball. He was originally born in Sudan though but moved to Australia as a child. As other Baylor players, he started collegiate career in JuCo playing for Neosho Community College. Then he transferred to Waco, Texas, to play for the Bears. Very complete player who can score but at the same time is a great defender due to his never-ending arms. He loves to play post moves using his long arms to finish with a skyhook but he has worked a lot in his mid-range shot and he is very proficient. He played the PIT averaging double-double (10.3p 10.3r) as well as 1.7 blocks per game.

ANGEL DELGADO - C - 2.08m - SETON HALL PIRATES: 13.6p 11.8r 2.8a

He's been a monster of the boards last seasons in NCAA: 4th best rebounder in the country last season (11.8rpg), Best rebounder in the country during the 2016/17 (13.2rpg), 38th best rebounder in the league during 2015/16 as a Sophomore (9.4rpg) and 19th best rebounder in the country during 2014/15 (9.8rpg) as a Freshman. In four years he averaged 11.0 boards per game. That's absolutely insane. Dominican Republic native, he and his teammate Desi Rodriguez, have been one of the most terrific duos in the league. He never ever avoids body contact, either trying to grab a rebound, or playing an post move in offense. Though guy. He is great setting up the ball screen in the pick & roll and now he developed a mid-range shot that allow him pick & pop. He also did great in the PIT signing double-double 12p 11.5r and now doing a pretty good job for the Los Angeles Clippers in the NBA Summer Leagues. 

BEN LAMMERS - C - 2.09m - GEORGIA TECH YELLOW JACKETS: 11.7p 8.1r 2.4t

Huge team player with a great energy and hustle. After being a forgotten player in the bench during his first two years in Atlanta, he never quit and keep working in the gym to gain muscle. He become a key player in the Yellow Jackets his last two seasons improving his numbers a lot. He is great blocking shots but his range of actions is limited to the area close to the basket. He is smart and loves receiving the ball in the top of the key to either distribute or finish himself driving. He is awesome faking shots and allows him getting a lot of advantages He is good with both hands and also is a good passer. H still needs to be more aggressive and keep working in his offensive game as well as increase his range of action. He played the PIT averaging 7.3p and 3.3r. He is in Charlotte Hornets roster in the NBA Summer Leagues. Not a lot of opportunities though. 

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