09/08/2018 by Jorge Lorenzo

We are delighted to announce our collaboration agreement with one of the most historic basketball projects in all of Madrid for the 2017/2018 season. TBS Academy is the product of yearly work being made by Torrejón Basket.

Amongst the great achievements, like the sporting ascent to what would later be the ACB and the sixth place in the Spanish Junior Championships of 2012, many have been the players who have passed through the club. ACB players such as Santi Yusta (Real Madrid), Moussa Diagne (Fuenlabrada, FC Barcelona and Andorra), and Edu Durán (UCAM Murcia) have developed their game here. Also, NCAA I players like Iván Aurrecoechea (New Mexico State) or Competición FEB players like Kingsley Obiekwe (Alicante), and those that will come in the future.

Basketball Player Media reinforces its ability of connecting these players with a great career in the sport. A highlight of this venture is that we have the reach to detect and develop basketball talent, and then promote it on a national & european level, making it visible. Our service is NCAA-approved, and we invite american coaching staffs searching for talent abroad to inquiry with our contact channels.

TBS Academy has a fully-equipped residence for its players. Double bedrooms, bathrooms, study hall, 2 academic tutors, kitchen and cleaning staff that serve prospects exclusively and several amenities, and all that with just a 5 minute walk from the practice facility. Last season, all of their players approved their academic courses while managing a demanding basketball development program. Their training routine is broken down into 3 technique sessions for a total of 5 hours per week; 3 team sessions totaling 6 hours a week, and daily coaching and advisory por each individual with their strength coach. TBS Academy coaches are nationally licensed and hold their training program at the Joaquín Blume Sports Complex, that has two full courts and a weight gym room.This training work is done by vertical planning so that players are being developed individually in spite of the team or age category they play during the season, because the main objective is to improve players on a global scale and prepare them for the highest possible level of competition. This is a showcase of some of our former players with whom TBS Academy & Basketball Player Media have developed and continue to put on work for their individual careers and success on and off the court.

Scouting Report: Seny Ndiaye - 2000 - C - 6' 10" | 207cm

Scouting Report: Carlos Lopez - 2000 - F - 6' 7" | 200cm

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